Packing & Logistics

Packing & Logistics

Fruit grading, packing and cool storage facilities on-site at Plunkett Orchards enables the control of fruit quality from tree to market.

Packing and storage

Rigorous grading procedures ensure that fruit processed at Plunkett Orchards is of the highest quality.

The grading process is enhanced by the latest in digital scanning technology and split-second weighing equipment that sorts fruit by size into cartons, wooden fruit bins or cardboard hat bins.

Further, each piece of fruit is visually assessed by staff and rejected if size, shape or appearance does not meet set standards.

Fruit is cool stored in a modern Controlled Atmosphere facility with a capacity of 16,000 bins (8,000 tonnes).









The sales and logistics teams at Plunkett Orchards collaborate to ensure fruit consignments reach their destination quickly and cost-effectively.

With decades of experience in fruit management, packaging, and transport, Plunkett Orchards is able to respond quickly to requests for consignments of export high quality fresh fruit from across Australia and around the world.

Fruit is dispatched to Australian markets (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney) and export fresh markets throughout South East Asia, Asia-Pacific region and Canada.