Some of the world's best fruit

Plunkett Orchards supplies premium quality fresh apples, pears and stonefruits to retailers around the world.

Because our fourth-generation family business controls growing, picking, packing and shipment from our central Victorian orchards, we are able to share the flavour of fresh-picked produce with consumers even if they are on the other side of the world.









Growing business

State-of-the art growing techniques ensure we achieve high yields across 235 hectares of orchards in Australia’s premier fruit-growing region.









Straight to your plate

Consumers love fresh fruit that tastes like it’s straight from the tree.

To ensure that fruit lovers all over the world get that experience, our fruit packing and storage facilities are carefully controlled to grade, pack and store fruit so that it reaches stores in the best possible condition.

Our logistics team ensure that consignments reach our wholesale and retail clients quickly and efficiently.